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Last updated - 24th October 2022

The roadmap for the Service Framework as it stands is centred around a set of features that would be useful to implement in the future, there ar eno timelines currently associated with these features at this time and are provided on a "when resource is available" basis.

The managed roadmap for the Service Framework can be found here

In highlight the main items the team are reviewing to enhance the Service Framework are:

  • UI: Enabling the Services list to highlight configured services in Green if they are working / activated as expected and RED if there is an issue.
  • Editor: Enabling the Service Hook feature to allow properties to be editable at Editor runtime.
  • Architecture: Implement the Dependency Injection pattern to define dependent interfaces at design time and have the framework ensure dependent services are available during initialisation.

For any other required features, please log requests on the RealityToolkit.Dev repository, which is the central issue/feature repository for all Reality Collective projects.

More information

for more information on the Service Framework, check out these additional links: